Los Toritos - dancing out of Ribeño

The carnival in Barranquilla/Colombia is a clourouse melting pot of cultures. Native traditions are mixed with catholic or african customs with countless tipes of different rythms and dances such as cumbia, salsa, merengue, merecumbé and guaracha. The TORITOS have an african influence and are dancing and singing to rhythms of the drums. The day of the big parade they all meet up in the house of the leader of the toritos. They dress and apply their make-up. Meanwhile preparing themselfes, they are eating soup and already singing their songs in front of the house. Then they pass to the cementary to sing for their deceased family members before they get into the trumoil of carneval parade. They are one of the most popular groups of the the barranquillian carnaval. During the celebration period they are celebrated all over the town, but after Ash Wednesday local people will tell you that it is too dangerouse to enter their neighbourhood Ribeño.

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SUPERHEROES of lucha libre

In der Welt des mexikanischen Freistilringens kämpfen Superhelden gegeneinander. Gut gegen Böse, der faire Held gegen den regelbrechenden Rowdy. Das Publikum feuert seine Favoriten an, der Schiedsrichter ist parteiisch und nicht immer siegt die Gerechtigkeit. Lucha Libre ist ein Spektakel aus akrobatische Sprüngen, Masken und einem Publikum mit viel Humor und gehört zur mexikanischen Populärkultur.